About Me, and the Project

      I believe that the most interesting stories aren't broad ideas, concepts, or trends. To me, the most interesting stories, at their core, are about people. So when it came time to do my final senior project, I chose my favorite kind of people - drag queens.

       It's only been recently that drag queens have started to get their due credit in mainstream culture as artists, personalities, and entertainers. I wanted to bring more attention to the hard work that goes into being a queen, and find out for myself what it meant to maintain a career as a drag entertainer.

       I've had a passion for writing ever since grade school, and I've taken that passion and applied it to my studies as a journalism student at Stony Brook University. I chose to expand my frame of reference by stepping out of my comfort zone and choosing the broadcast track. Through working in broadcast, I have learned to hone my writing skill to fit different formats and platforms.  
        In addition to my academics, over the past four years I have held a variety of positions and internships that have tested and enhanced my skills in journalism. I have worked for The Longislander, a Long Island-focused online multimedia news site, The Stony Brook Press, a monthly campus news magazine, and The Stony Brook News, the flagship news broadcast for Stony Brook University. In each of these positions I report, write, produce, and edit news pieces for a variety of formats including print, broadcast and radio

         I have also held editorial and publicity positions within the Stony Brook administration over the past two years, where I have created press releases, social media posts, feature stories, promotional videos, and other university news coverage.